Monica Mazzone solo show

(in collaboration with Marta Ravasi)
curated by Valentina Negri
March 30 – May 1 2019
la rada, Locarno

“Modern art, suffering from a permanet tendency to the constructive, an obsession

with objectivity, stand isolated and powerless in a society which seems bent

on its own destruction”. (John Reed Club, 1932)

Regular Dreams will open on Saturday the 30th of March at 6 pm at la rada, independent space in Locarno, the exhibition features works by Monica Mazzone and Marta Ravasi, curated by Valentina Negri.

Regular Dreams was conceived as a dialogue between the languages productions of the two artists, where Monica’s geometry and rationality is faced with Marta’s emotional pictorial research.
The apparent disparity and diversity between the productions are underlying the obsessive attempt to seek perfection and the material transposition of the (tormented) ideas that accompany the artists in their daily lives.
Monica Mazzone’s work is the result of her own research starting from the analysis of geometry and the rules that govern it; the aim is to visually translate the thought that unites space and work under a single identity, in a geometric process with precise guidelines, in the secret ambition to create a sort of universal visual language. The application of this process is also extended to emotions: Monica tries to rationalize and make them communicable, thus giving shape to connection between herself and the space in which to operate.
The results are materializing in aluminum sculptures with defined and harmonics lines that play on dualisms full-empty, heavy-light. In some cases they are accompanied by paintings, overcoming and merging the idea of sculpture and painting, two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality, where – according to Monica – “Humanity finds its centrality in disciplines such as mathematics and geometry, mistakenly considered depersonalizing”.
This is the first Swiss exhibition for both artists and will be visible until the 1st of May from Thursday to Saturday from 2 to 7pm, with free admission, and by appointment every day, including holidays, in Via della Morettina 2, Locarno. Special openings also on the afternoons of Easter, Easter Monday and May the 1st. For information and appointments: | +41 76 4391866 | +39 320 4866373

exhibition view

ph. Cosimo Filippini

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