Monica Mazzone solo show

curated by Cristina Cuttica
May 6 – June 12 2021
Manuel Zoia Gallery – Atelier Alice Voglino, Verona


Experience the intensity of emotions, in the inexhaustible and uncontrollable daily emotional movement that inhabits us. Perceiving the presence of existence within oneself, as an energy compressed and contained by a body that is at the same time its boundary, substance and instrument, an energy modeled by tangible, material and codified reality, present outside and around it. Try to understand what we are, with the intention of reconciling a present moment that contains the existing whole.
Monica Mazzone with her research made of measurement, rigor and essentiality describes her experiencing life through herself as a body-space to be explored, defined by a boundary that contains and divides an inside from an outside, an osmotic membrane of emotions to try to give order to be able to recognise them.
The two-dimensional artworks of the black series – a novelty of Mazzone’s artistic production presented to the public for the first time – marks the use of the dark background which more objectively targets the geometric presences in the space of the painting.


exhibition view

ph. Marco Ambrosi

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